Linda is very personable and knowledgeable- E. H.

Linda is not only medically trained and certified Audiologist with extreme skill, she is kind and caring consultant–yes, she really cares about each patient personally and makes sure you have the very best technology at reasonable prices. I have worked with Linda for over 30 years—highly recommend! D. N.

Linda is very professional, yet so very personal…a friend!!! J. M.

Linda has an amazing presence. She is so patient, and and thorough, I’m so excited she can now travel to her patients. Cutting edge service for today’s times. If you’re considering a major investment that will improve your quality of life, you want to work with someone you can trust. Linda’s got your back-L. B.

Linda Kiser has been my audiologist and has taken care of my hearing needs for the last 10++ years.. Always going the extra mild and sometimes squeezing me in if need be. Thank you, Linda, for the wonderful care you give your patients. L. B.

Linda has been my audiologist for over three years, I have found her to be very personable and knowledgeable. Linda cares about people. She is a carding and kind individual who would like to see people freed from the isolation and loneliness brought on by hearing loss. She understands the psychological facet as well as the audiologist one. She always has an idea–whether it’s special use of my hearing aids in crowded places or difficulty hearing on the phone-T. R.

I have gone to Linda Kiser, Au.D. for about 20+ years. She is highly trained and experienced in all areas of hearing loss and what to do about it. She is also very kind and compassionate. She has always kept my hearing as the best if can be and have totally enjoyed my visits with her. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs audiology services!! H. G.