captel phone
Designed for individuals with varying degrees of hearing loss, the Captioned Telephone, known as CapTel, offers a user-friendly solution that functions like a regular telephone with an essential feature: displaying every spoken word from the caller throughout the conversation. CapTel phone users have the option to both listen to the caller and read the written captions on the bright display window of the device.
Simplicity at its Core CapTel is incredibly easy to use, following the same principles as any standard telephone. If you encounter difficulty hearing the caller, you can simply rely on reading the captions to understand the conversation accurately.
Cost-Free Service CapTel seamlessly collaborates with a free Captioning Service, which transcribes the spoken words of the other person into written text. There are no monthly fees or service agreements to worry about, ensuring that your monthly phone bill remains unaffected.
Hassle-Free Setup Setting up CapTel can be as simple as connecting a phone line and plugging it in! Alternatively, CapTel can be integrated with your high-speed internet service for a smooth and efficient experience.