Dear Friends

Leonor wore hearing aids from the time she was 50 years old until her last days at ninety. She went to a hearing aid “salesman” about every two years and purchased new hearing aids. Each time, her family was hopeful that the new set would help her “tune into her world”. They never really made a difference..except to her wallet.

Leonor missed out on several special occasions because of her inability to understand the world around her. Eventually, it led to her becoming introverted and withdrawn from her loved ones. It probably was the single largest factor that contributed to her dementia. And most definitely created a dramatic change from the woman she used to be; an active mother, grandmother, rancher, and teacher.

Leonor was my grandma and the inspiration for me to become an Audiologist, the best Audiologist I can be. I’ve been helping people hear better since 1991, and I look forward to helping you or your loved ones with your/their hearing needs now and in the future. Best of all, I come to you!